Our Supervisors

Santamarie Brunetta

Santamarie graduated from UWS in 2008 with a BA in Social Science (Psychology), minor in Applied Counselling. She also completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology from UWS 2009. She completed her Provisional Registration through the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) between 2010-2012.

During her studies she was employed as an ABA therapist (Applied Behaviour Analysis), to provide intensive intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. While she completed her Provisional Registration, she worked at a private practice conducting psychometric assessments, facilitating social skills groups, developing behaviour management plans and providing counselling services for children in out-of-home care.

Since gaining her registration, Santamarie has worked as a psychologist supporting adolescence and adults with mental health or disabilities in their commencement of, or return to work or training, through assessment, psychological intervention and onsite workplace support. She also worked as part of an Employment Assistance Program (EAP) which provided a short-term counselling service to clients as provided by their place of employment to support their individual and their family’s needs.

Santamarie has also worked at headspace in the Youth Earthy Psychosis Team as a Continuing Care Team Clinician providing assessment and intervention to young people aged 12-25 who were experiencing a first episode of psychosis, or those were at ultra-high risk of psychosis. She still works part-time as a private practitioner at headspace providing psychological intervention under Mental Health Care Plan to young people aged 12-25.

Throughout her practice, Santamarie has also had experience as a team leader and senior clinician providing mentoring to provisional and registered psychologists.

Santamarie started working with Learning Links in July 2018 as a counsellor, providing psychological interventions to children and their families. She commenced her role as a Supervisor with Learning Links in October 2018.

She has specific skills in the assessment and treatment of psychosis, anxiety and depressive disorders. She practices primarily from the modalities of CBT, ACT and DBT with an interest in systems theory and family work. She enjoys and has most experience working with children, adolescence and their families.

Her advice to new provisional psychologists is that all psychologists have to start somewhere. The registration process is an amazing opportunity to explore the type of clinician you want to be and uncover the many areas of psychology.

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Veselinka Petruseva

Vesi holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Macquarie University and a Graduate Diploma in Counselling from ACAP. She completed her postgraduate studies and internship in 2004 when she obtained her general registration as a psychologist.

Vesi has worked at Learning Links since 2010 where she has been involved in providing counselling and behaviour support interventions to families of children with learning difficulties and disabilities, as well as providing individual counselling to children, adolescents and parents on various issues ranging from anxiety, depression, parenting support, ADHD, social skills, self-esteem, bullying issues, transitioning to school and high-school etc. Vesi has also been administering cognitive and academic assessments to children and adolescents and has been facilitating various group programs including social skills programs and parenting programs.

Prior to working at Learning Links, Vesi was working in the mental health sector in crisis intervention and with families and carers of mental health consumers.

Vesi has a particular interest in the areas of parenting, behaviour interventions and trauma.

Vesi commenced her role as supervisor at Learning Links in 2015. She finds being a supervisor rewarding as it provides her with the opportunity to share her passion for helping people and to support provisional psychologists on their path to registration.

Her advice to provisional psychologists would be to ensure they look after themselves and to ask for support when needed as this support is available, and it can make a world of a difference on this intense journey towards registration.

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Lucy Tchepak

Lucy holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Macquarie University. She completed her studies in 2001. She completed her internship program with Learning Links between 2011 and 2015. During this time, she also worked as an Intake Officer at Learning Links, as we as running Professional Development programs and group sessions at schools with children who were identified as being disadvantaged either financially, culturally or due to personal circumstances.

Prior to obtaining her registration as a Psychologist, Lucy worked in the disability field for 13 years specialising in training, return to work and job capacity assessments with a focus on working with those experiencing mental health issues.

Once she was registered, Lucy worked in private practice for 3 years.

Lucy has a particular interest in the areas of parenting, management of anxiety, depression and self-harm, adolescent and child development and also in neurodevelopmental disorders such Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Lucy commenced her role as a Supervisor with Learning Links in late 2018. She finds the role of Supervisor rewarding because every supervision session is an opportunity for learning and growth for both the supervisee and supervisor.

Her advice to provisional psychologists is that er Her

while gaining your registration can seem overwhelming and challenging, be open about any struggles you face, seek support when needed but also have faith in your abilities and enjoy this period of growth and skill development.

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