4 + 2 Internship

4 + 2 Internship

Our Psychology Internship Programs meet the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) for registration as a provisional psychologist, whilst preparing you for general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia. Our structured program is designed to ensure that as a provisional psychologist you receive the supervised practice and professional development required to achieve your core competencies.

The 4 + 2 internship includes the following:

  • 2 years full time (or equivalent part-time hours)
  • 112 individual supervision hours
  • 48 group supervision hours
  • 120 professional development hours
  • 3000 placement hours – including 1000 face to face hours. Placement with Learning Links is optional.

The 4+2 internship is a supervised training program completed over two years full time (or equivalent part-time) that enables a provisional psychologist to gain the supervised practice experience necessary to become eligible to apply for general registration as a psychologist.

The core competencies of this internship identified by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) that must be achieved for general registration are:

  1. Knowledge of the discipline
  2. Ethical, legal and professional matters
  3. Psychological assessment and measurement
  4. Intervention strategies
  5. Research and evaluation
  6. Communication and interpersonal relationships
  7. Working within a cross-cultural context
  8. Practice across the lifespan.

How Learning Links can support you

4 + 2 Internship Package - with placement

  • 112 individual supervision hours
  • 48 group supervision hours
  • 120 professional development hours
  • 3000-hour placement

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4 + 2 Internship Package - without placement

  • 112 individual supervision hours
  • 48 group supervision hours
  • 120 professional development hours

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You can access individual supervision, group supervision or professional development when required.

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Individual Supervision

The 4+2 internship involves 112 hours of individual supervision.

Learning Links provisional psychologists are paired with an accredited and experienced supervisor who provides mentoring, guidance, support and feedback on your progress.

All our supervisors are skilled psychologists and have undertaken Psychology Board-approved training in competency-based supervision.

Individual supervision sessions are held on a regular basis. Below are typical examples of what may take place at a session:

  • Discussion of professional development
  • Literature review
  • Discussion of recommended reading
  • Client case discussion
  • Review of written communication
  • Discussion of ethical dilemmas and professional limitations
  • Discussion of legislation
  • Role playing
  • Review of case study development

Our supervisors will provide invaluable mentoring, guidance, encouragement and constructive criticism to help you master the core competencies of the program as well as prepare you for the National Psychology Exam.

Group Supervision

The 4+2 internship involves 48 hours of group supervision.

In addition to the individual supervision sessions, provisional psychologists participate in group supervision sessions with other provisional psychologists. The group supervision sessions provide an excellent opportunity to work with a range of our accredited supervisors as well as your fellow colleagues. They are a great opportunity for networking and meeting like-minded people.

The core competencies outlined by the Psychology Board of Australia are discussed during these sessions and we can also tailor groups according to specific development needs.

Some of the topics discussed during group supervision sessions are:

  • Case discussion and review
  • Communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Ethical principles
  • Report writing
  • Interviews
  • Note taking and case notes
  • Risk assessment
  • Mental state examination
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Micro counselling skills
  • Cross cultural contexts
  • Self-care practises for psychologists
Professional Development

The 4+2 internship includes 120 professional development hours.

In order to successfully complete the psychology registration internship program, Provisional psychologists need to participate in professional development.

Professional development is an important component of our internships and helps you master each of the Board’s core competencies. It also supports you with your preparations for the National Psychology Examination. Learning Links offers a full range of workshops to cover all your professional development needs.

These workshops include:

  • Administering & Interpreting WISC-V & WPPSI-IV
  • Diagnosing a Specific Learning Disorder
  • Basic Counselling & Intervention
  • Advanced Counselling & Intervention Skills
  • Literacy Assessment & Intervention
  • Numeracy Assessment & Intervention
  • National Psychology Exam
  • Case Reports

In addition to supervision and professional development there is also the opportunity to apply for a placement at Learning Links. Learning Links has been delivering services for children and families since 1972.

In the 4+2 internship we offer placement opportunities based on the following –

2 years full time: 28 hours per week

3 years part time: 25.5 hours per week

4 years part time: 17 hours per week

Placement with Learning Links is completely optional so if you have already secured a placement with another organisation we are still able to provide you with supervision and professional development.