Endorsement Supervision

Endorsement Supervision

A registered psychologist who wishes to be endorsed in a particular field of psychology must obtain supervision from an approved supervisor who is endorsed in that field. This type of supervision is more flexible and individualised. Of the nine areas of endorsement available, Learning Links will be offering practice endorsement in the following areas:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Educational and developmental psychology


To gain entry into the registrar program you must have completed a Masters in Psychology degree, or if you are a Master in Psychology/PhD and Doctorate in Psychology student, once you have completed all coursework and placement requirements and made sufficient progress on your thesis.

It is important to note that the registrar program can only be completed for the area of practise of your completed APAC-accredited postgraduate degree.

This registrar program consists of:

MPsych graduates:

  • Two years full time of supervised practise (or part time equivalent)
  • 80 hours of professional development

MPsych/PhD graduates:

  • One and a half years of supervised practise (or part time equivalent)
  • 60 hours of professional development

DPsych graduates:

  • One year full time of supervised practise (or part time equivalent)
  • 40 hours of professional development